First ImpressionsFirst impressions are very important for a medical pr

First ImpressionsFirst impressions are very important for a medical practice. It will also be a deciding factor if a patient returns or refers family and friends (or not). Review the following scenario and respond to all prompts:You are a new patient of XYZ Medical Practice and have just arrived for your appointment. As you enter into the waiting area and approach the reception area you notice a faint smell of urine. The receptionist is on the telephone. She never looks up at you to acknowledge your presence while you wait for a few minutes to announce yourself. Finally, you give up and have a seat. She continues to talk, laugh and carry on while chewing gum and filing her nails.1. What is your overall impression of the medical practice and the receptionist?2. How does it make you feel when the receptionist does not look up at you or acknowledges your arrival?3. If you were the receptionist for XYZ Medical Practice, what would you have done in this situation?4. What type of tasks need to be completed in order to prepare the office and reception area prior to a patient’s arrival?5. Which PRICE characteristicsdo you want to highlight in your resume? Provide an example of how you will do so.

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