Which of the following is a valid challenge to Piaget’s theory?a. Cogn

Which of the following is a valid challenge to Piaget’s theory?a. Cognitive development around the world is more consistent than Piaget realized.b. Cognitive abilities develop in discrete steps or stages rather than continuous, overlapping waves.c. Preschoolers are not as egocentric as Piaget thought.d. Young children do not understand as much as Piaget gave them credit for.2. Adolescents who are moody, violent, lonely, and sexually promiscuous are:a. typical for most people of this age.b. virtually nonexistent.c. the exception, rather than typical.d. likely to live in the south.3. According to Erikson, the developmental challenge of creating intimacy with another versus isolation is experienced by:a. preschoolers.b. preschoolers.c. young adults.d. older adults.4. According to Piaget, children develop abstract reasoning at the ________ stage of cognitive development.a. pre-operationalb. concrete operationsc. sensorimotord. formal operations5. ______________________ is the process by which children acquire the rules and behavior that society expects of them.5a. Parentingb. Socializationc. Schoolingd. Attachment6. The sensory abilities of newborn infants:a. include visual abilities that are much like that of an adult.b. do not allow them to distinguish contrasts, shadows, or edges.c. include the ability to discriminate smells, tastes, and sounds almost immediately.d. include the ability to see and hear, but not to discriminate tastes and smells.7. As healthy, older adults age, what generally happens to their intelligence?a. Neither fluid nor crystallized intelligence decline.b. Both fluid and crystallized intelligence decline.c. Crystallized intelligence declines but fluid intelligence does not.d. Fluid intelligence declines but crystallized intelligence does not.