1. You are project manager for three different projects.Project A: Th

1. You are project manager for three different projects.Project A: This project is scheduled to take 20 weeks to complete. You are in the planning stage of the project. You need to reduce the schedule for this project by 5 weeks. This project has a number of predecessors that were created by the project team’s preference. The sponsor insists on having all the work done on time without unduly increasing risk or costs to the project.Project B: This project is in the execution stage of the project. It is behind schedule by 6 weeks; it was scheduled to be completed in 10 weeks. The sponsor is desperate to accomplish something on this project. The budget is limited to the original amount and all soft predecessors have already been removed.Project C: This project is behind schedule by 10 weeks. It was to have been completed in 2 months. The sponsor has additional funds to help complete the project on time if needed but does not want to increase risk to the project.For each of the projects above choose an appropriate schedule compression technique. It should be the best one for the example not just one that might work. Explain your choice.2.Given the following information calculate the CV SV CPI and SPI for this project. Also provide recommendations to improve the project’s performance if needed.It is only required that you calculate and discuss the status of the total project.Calculate the EV PV and AC for each activity and then use them to calculate the values for the total project. You do not have to calculate the variances and indexes for the individual activities.The percent complete is the work accomplished. The planned work is based upon the scheduled work.Activity A: This activity is complete. It was completed in 6 weeks; it was supposed to be completed in 5 weeks. The original budget for this activity was $400 000; in the end it cost $450 000.Activity B: This activity is 50% complete. Its original budget was $100 000. The costs to date are $55 000. The original project plan had this activity scheduled for 5 weeks; currently it is entering its third week.Activity C: This activity is 75% complete. Its costs so far are $100 000. It is at the end of Week 3 of 5. It was planned to cost $100 000 when completed.Activity D: This activity is not started yet; it will start in 2 weeks. It is planned to cost $400 000. Its costs to date are $0.