A go kart with front wheel brakes has a stub-axle (fixed) th

A go kart with front wheel brakes has a stub-axle (fixed) that attaches the front wheels and brakes to the go kart via two bearings as illustrated by the schematic in Figure 2. The race-ready go kart weighs 85kg and the driver weighs 75kg with all necessary driver safety equipment. The front wheels have a rolling diameter of 270mm where the tyres have a braking friction coefficient of 1.8 and a cornering friction coefficient of 1.6. Notably the centre of the tyre contact patch is 20mm from the nearest bearing (see Figure 2). The bearing spacing is 75mm. The go kart typically drives around tracks with a 2km lap length where the tracks can be divided into three segments; namely 50% straights 35% corners and 15% braking zones. Assume there is equal weight distribution across all four wheels and there is no weight transfer during driving. The inner bearing (A) is SKF 61905 and the outer bearing (B) is SKF W 61905 deep groove ball bearings. With a confidence of 99.9% calculate the number of laps the go-kart can complete until bearing failure (and specify which bearing fails) where the average speed during straights is 90kmh corners 50kmh and braking 70kmh. Due to impacts with kerbs and competitor the application factor during straights corners and braking is 1.1 1.4 and 1.2 respectively. Please read the notes at the end of the assignment question sheet. The facts and numbers used in this problem are purely fictional and do not relate to the go kart illustrated in Figure 1. Figure 1. Example of a go kart around a race track Figure 2. Schematic of the front wheel axle and bearings Note: I. Please include full working out for all the calculations II. Assume that the wheel friction loads act at the centre of the tyre width III. Assume that the tyre contact patch is directly below the axle IV. Assume there is no weight transfer during cornering or braking V. Assume the largest cornering loads are for the outside wheel during cornering VI. Carefully note the bearing spacers and how they assist bearing force reactions VII. The axle does not rotate and it is attached to the go-kart at the axle fixing. Wheel Inner Bearing Road Outer Bearing Axle Wheel Nut Bearing Spacers