A new information system is adopted by your firm that allows for more

A new information system is adopted by your firm that allows for more of the information collected in the field to be available to the various levels of management. An implication is:a. A change towards more intense evaluation of manager decision makingb. A change toward greater rewards for good decisionsc. A change toward more decentralized decision processd. A change toward more centralized decision processPrincipal/agent problems arise because:a. The principal cannot evaluate the efforts of the agentb. The principal cannot spend time at the physical plant sitec. The principal cannot control the production processd. The principal cannot monitor the efforts of the agentSolutions to principle/agent problems usually include all but:a. The decision maker is rewarded for making efficient decisionsb. Information about the decision flows to the decision makerc. The decision maker is evaluated based on the decision outcomesd. All staff members are informed about the facts and reasoning going into a decisionThe tension between commission salesmen and the marketing manager results in all but:a. Salesmen having the ‘correct’ incentives and so free from much oversightb. Salesmen needing to get approval from their managers in order to negotiate a lower pricec. Salesmen being too eager to offer discountsd. The effective ‘marginal cost’ to salesmen being zero