Assignment 1 – SurveyDano’s Pizza is interested in conducting research

Assignment 1 – SurveyDano’s Pizza is interested in conducting research in Columbia to answer the questions below.Q1. Are they doing well w.r.t. consumers’ online order experience? Which aspects of the consumers’ online order experience needs to be improved?Q2. Are consumers currently satisfied with their food? Why or why not?Dano’s Pizza decided that a descriptive research design is the best approach based on their specific research objectives. Your task is the following:1. Draw the conceptual model – clearly labeling:a. Independent (IVs) and dependent variables (DVs)b. The nature (positive or negative) of the relationship between IVs and DVsc. Make sure that you include at least 3 demographic variablesYou must have at least 2 DVs and at least 3 IVs for each DV.2. Write the hypothesis that you plan to test for each of the relationships. You do not need to hypothesize a directional relationship for the demographic variables.3. questionnaire that would allow you to collect data to test each of the hypothesized relationips. Be careful to not commit any of the common mistakes commonly associated with questionnaire design.4. For each survey question, indicate the type of data that particular question would result in (NOIR).5. Provide the data coding for each survey question.