B.J., a 70-year-old black female has been seen in the clinic several t

B.J., a 70-year-old black female has been seen in the clinic several times. The last time she was in for a check-up was 6 months ago to get her prescriptions refilled. She has returned to the clinic today because she ran out of blood pressure medicine and would like to get her prescriptions renewed. She has not taken any prescription medicine in approximately 6 monthsBackground:The patient indicates that she has noticed shortness of breath, especially when she is playing with her grandchildren. But, it goes away once she sits down to rest. She reports that she is also bothered by shortness of breath that wakes her up at night, but it resolves after sitting upright on 3 pillows. She also tells you that I noticed over the last week that my legs and ankles have been swollen. She also indicates that she often feels light headed and faint while going up the stairs, but it subsides after sitting down to rest.PMH:HypertensionPrevious history of MI in 2010Current medications: Coreg 6.25 mg PO BID Colace 100 mg PO BID K-dur 20 mEq PO QD Furosemide 40 mg PO QDSurgeries: 2010-Left Anterior Descending (LAD) cardiac stent placementAllergies: AmoxicillinVaccination History:She receives an annual flu shot. Last flu shot was this yearHas never had a Pneumovax Has not had a Td in over 20 yearsHas not had the herpes zoster vaccineOther:Last colorectal screening was 11 years agoLast mammogram was 5 years agoHas never had a DEXA/Bone Density TestLast dilated eye exam was 4 years agoLabs from last years visit: Hgb 12.2, Hct 37%, K+ 4.2,Na+140 Cholesterol 186, Triglycerides 188, HDL 37, LDL 190, TSH 3.7Blood pressure on day of visit: 150/90Social history:She graduated from high school, and thought about college, but got married right away and then had kids a short time later. Her son lives in another state,Family history:Both parents are deceased. Father died of a heart attack; mother died of natural causes. She had one brother who died of a heart attack 20 years ago at the age of 52.Habits:She drinks one 4-ounce glass of red wine daily. She is a former smoker that stopped 20 years ago.Discussion Part One: Summarize the important data from the patient’s history and reason for the visit today. Provide a minimum of three differential diagnoses (DD) with rationale for the chief complaint. Include OLDCARTS and additional ROS questions needed to develop DD. Based on the LDL level above, indicate if you need to order a statin for this patient? Provide a rationale for your decision based on evidence based clinical guidelines. What other patient risk factors put the patient at risk for arteriosclerotic coronary vascular disease (ASCVD)? Reference the guidelines in your response. Based on the patient data provided, choose two geriatric assessment tools that would be appropriate to use in conducting a thorough geriatric assessment. Provide a rationale on why you are choosing these particular tools.