Chapter 2 Introduction to Java Applications

2.2 Q1: End-of-line comments that should be ignored by the compiler are denoted using

a. Two forward slashes (// ).

b. Three forward slashes (/// ).

c. A slash and a star (/* ).

d. A slash and two stars (/** ).

2.2 Q2: Which of the following is not a valid Java identifier?

a. my Value

b. $_AAA1

c. width

d. m_x

2.2 Q3: Which of the following cannot cause a syntax error to be reported by the Java compiler?

a. Mismatched{}

b. Missing*/ in a comment that begins with/*

c. Missing;

d. An extra blank line.

2.2 Q4: Which of the following does not contain a syntax error?

a. System.out.println( ‘Hello world!’ ):

b. System.out.println( “Hello
world!” );

c. System.out.println( “Hello world!” );

d. System.out.println( Hello world! );

Compiling and Executing Your First Java Application

2.2 Q5: Which command compiles the Java source code

a. cd

b. javac

c. java

d. compile

2.2 Q6: Which command executes the Java class fileWelcome.class?

a. javac Welcome.class

b. java Welcome.class

c. java Welcome

d. run Welcome.class

Section 2.3 Modifying Your First Java Program

Displaying a Single Line of Text with Multiple Statements

2.3 Q1: Which is the output of the following statements?

System.out.print( “Hello “);

System.out.println( “World” );

a. Hello World

b. HelloWorld

c. Hello

d. World

Displaying Multiple Lines of Text with a Single Statement

2.3 Q2: Which of the following is the escape character?

a. *


c. n

d. “

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