CVP Analysis Use the financial statements

Due Date Saturday, July 20, 2013

Financial Statement: CVP Analysis

Use the financial statements provided in the sidebar to compute the percentages for all items included in the income statement sheet as a percent of revenue. Remember that total revenue is always 100 percent. Be sure to use the formula function in Microsoft Excel to show the formulas for each of the percentage you compute. After completion, compute the following: CVP analysis with the following assumptions: Contribution margin Contribution margin ratio Current variable costs Fixed costs BEP

In addition, analyze and compute the sales figure forecast in case the owner of The Green Restaurant wants to generate a 15 percent increase in net income before taxes are deducted for the same period next year. Income Statement The Green Restaurant December 31, 20XX Food Revenue $47,500 Expenses Cost of Food Sales $16,415 Wages Expense $11,885 Supplies Expense $350 Utilities $1,200 Advertising $300 Depreciation Expense $160 Rent Expense $775 Interest Expense $120 Laundry Expense $560 Kitchen Fuel $150 Radio Advertising $1,200 Administrative Expense $2,200 Repairs and Maintenance $600 Total Expenses $35,915 Net Income $11,585

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