Demonstrate knowledge of the main features of the schools of moral thought and ethical traditions influencing nursing and midwifery;

law and ethics

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• Demonstrate knowledge of the main features of the schools of moral thought and ethical traditions influencing nursing and midwifery;
• Critically evaluate clinical practice with reference to moral and ethical principles;
• Identify the main provisions of codes of ethics that govern the practice of
nursing and midwifery in Australia;
• Demonstrate knowledge of the law as it applies to nursing and midwifery in
Australia in general, and Queensland in particular.
50 %
2500 words
Tuesday 7th April 2015
You must include a word count (including in-text referencing but not including the Reference list or any Appendices) at the end of your assignment. Word counts more than 10% below or above that prescribed will be penalised by 10% deduction from the total available marks.
For each of the three people involved in this case study, identify and discuss their legal, ethical and moral conduct and also where relevant, their actions with reference to Professional Codes and Standards and relevant peer review Journal articles.
RN John steals used dressing forceps and scissors which are destined for disposal from the hospital in which he works. He donates them to an overseas third world charity. The forceps and scissors benefit many, many people who otherwise would not receive adequate care. RN John does this with the awareness of RN Jane who is both his fiancé and Nurse Unit Manager.
An investigation into the matter is to be undertaken by the Director of Nursing, Ms. Day. Ms. Day approaches RN Jane and says “you either tell me who is doing this or give me $100 to forget about the matter”. RN Jane says she does not know who is stealing but agrees anyway to pay $100 to protect RN John as she believes his actions are honourable.
Jane has that amount in her bank account but cannot get to the bank until tomorrow. Ms. Day will not wait until then. Jane is aware that patient Ian has that amount hidden in his bed locker. She intends to take the money and replace it tomorrow having gone to the bank. On arrival at Ian`s room Jane tells relatives that they should leave and once gone takes the money. Upon taking the money Ian wakes and asks what she is doing. Jane grabs Ian by his injured arm which causes him pain and verbally threatens him not to say anything.
Jane leaves and gives the money to Ms. Day. She uses half the money to buy a bottle of wine and half is donated to charity. Ms. Day lies to hospital management that she has investigated the matter and no one can be identified.
Jane is later charged with stealing $100.
RN John breaks off the engagement with Jane as he does not want to be married to a thief as it will damage his career, even though he has been told the reason for Jane`s actions.

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