dq 1Discussion PreparationConduct an Internet search to find a consoli

dq 1Discussion PreparationConduct an Internet search to find a consolidated entity.Check the Entity List created by the instructor located in the first thread of every forum. Do not choose an entity that is already on the list. If the entity that you have chosen is already on the list, you must find another entity.Once you have chosen an entity, e-mail the name of it to the instructor. The instructor will post it on the Entity List.Initial DiscussionFind and analyze the financial statements for your chosen consolidated entity. Using approximately 150 words:Explain what type of combination the group went through.Identify the accounts that would have been adjusted as part of the consolidation process.Identify any unique circumstances regarding the financial statements for the period.Post a link to the consolidated financial statements and include the company name in the subject line.dq 2Follow-Up DiscussionChoose one of the companies/entities about which your classmates have posted.Review the companys financial statements.Provide unique commentary on what you observe in the financial statements for the consolidated entity.

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