In the experiment by Harry Harlow, how did infant rhesus monkeys that

In the experiment by Harry Harlow, how did infant rhesus monkeys that were raised with both an artificial wire mother and an artificial cloth mother respond to these objects?a. They would not eat or drink, and soon died.b. They became attached to the artificial mother that supplied milk.c. They avoided both mothers except when they were hungry.d. They would cling to the cloth mother, especially when they were frightened or startled.2. Michelle pinches her younger brother Colin. Colin begins to weep loudly. Michelle’s mother explains to her that it was wrong for her to pinch Colin, as it hurts him. Michelle realizes her mistake and apologizes. Which parenting method can be observed in this example?a. power assertionb. manipulationc. delayed gratificationd. induction3. Which of the following statements best summarizes Erik Erikson’s theory?a. Personality is formed by the time a child turns five or six years old.b. Eight inevitable crises must be resolved as one moves through life.c. Adult development is characterized by no significant transitions and milestones.d. Psychological development stops for most people at the end of adolescence.

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