Length:15 to 25 pages in length including screenshots.TaskI

Length:15 to 25 pages in length including screenshots.TaskInstalling LinuxFor this first assignment you are required to select install and make operational a Linux version of your choosing that you will then use throughout the duration of this subject;You are required to:Select and install a version of Linux so that it works on a local network. You will be required to connect to your Linux computer from another computer in later activities. Your Linux install should be able to connect to the Internet. There are a number of options you can choose for your install you can choose to install Linux on a dedicated computer as a bootable image on a dual boot computer or as a virtual host running within another operating system;Submit a learning diary for this activity in which you should describe [5 marks]:What version of Linux you have chosen to install and why;Details of how you have chosen to set up Linux (i.e. dedicated computer dual boot virtual image);What you did;What problems you encountered and how you solved them;How much time you spent on each part of the exercise.List with detail the processes running on your Linux computer and describe in detail any three (3) running processes. What is the purpose of each of the three processes [2.5 marks].Write a simple shell script that displays information about your system. It should show uptime current connections last logins utilisation and most CPU load intensive processes. You should display a heading before each command output and separate each command output with a line of dashes. Submit both your script and the display output [2.5 marks].Rationale