Possible teaching strategy for each of your objectives


Topic 1

Reflect on a three-part lesson you would like to teach to  a friend or family member. Determine the level of your learning objectives using Bloom’s taxonomy. Construct three learning objectives containing appropriate active verbs. Identify a possible teaching strategy for each of your objectives. Indicate how you plan to measure each objective.

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Topic 2

Nurses must be aware of the statements that are emotional and express their personal attitudes as well as beliefs because this can influence or manipulate the patient, limiting the patient’s autonomy.  Discuss  your experience or an experience of a staff member  in which beliefs, ethics, or values hindered a learning experience.


Citations should conform to APA guidelines.

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NSG 4028 Concepts of Teaching and Learning

Graphic Organizer (Use this organizer to reflect on your lesson plan)

Select Teaching unit/ Segment/ Part 1 of 3

Frame objectives addressing Bloom’s level  (Depending on your teaching unit)

Write complete objectives with action verbs

Cognitive Domain Affective Domain Psychomotor Domain

Devise a teaching strategy  (For example, to teach a family of young adults you would consider the following:) • Divide family into groups • Use a KWL Sheet • Encourage discussion • Use pertinent information  • Provide prompt feedback

Evaluate learning  (For example, use a pre and posttest or ask students to rate their learning by filling up a checklist)

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