Question 2: (20 points)In the yawncat (a rare hypothetical animal), th

Question 2: (20 points)In the yawncat (a rare hypothetical animal), the dominant allele R causes solid tail color, and the recessive allele r results in white spots on a colored background. The black coat color allele B is dominant to the brown allele b, but these genes can only be expressed if the animal has an mm genotype located at the third gene locus. Animals that are M- are yellow regardless of which allele from the B locus is present. A mating between a solid yellow-tailed male yawncat and a solid brown-tailed female yawncat produce 16 offspring with the following tail phenotypes: six solid yellow, two spotted yellow, three solid black, one spotted black, three solid brown, and one spotted brown.a. What are the most likely genotypes of the male and female parents? Explain the strategy used to determine the genotypes. ‘b. What is the probability of the next offspring having a spotted yellow tail? Please show a detailed explanation

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