To introduce the chief executive officer’s (CEOs) new strategy to the

To introduce the chief executive officer’s (CEOs) new strategy to the entire financial and accounting department the chief financial officer (CFO) has asked you to create a PowerPoint presentation. Because most of the department has not been involved in any kind of international finance or accounting your presentation is meant to be both introductory and comprehensive in scope.Create PowerPoint presentation that includes the following:1215 slides of content A cover slide One or more reference slides that adhere to APA styleEvery content slide must also include the following: Clip art charts or photos A color background At least 100 words of speaker notesThe following is a minimum list of the topics that must be covered in your presentation:List the trends and the recent history of growth in global business and investment and the cause of these trends. Include statistics and legitimate references for those statistics. What is the difference between dealing internationally versus domestically? What are specific examples of global sources for the financing of major investments? What are specific examples of global opportunities for investment that may not be present when looking at domestic opportunities?

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